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A Truly Rewarding Vintage year for our Dalkey Tidy Towns Team
   No matter what the weather, our local Dalkey Tidy Towns volunteers did not miss even one scheduled work date in 2017 – a total of 125 work sessions ! In addition, our Tuesday Project Team met 54 times, including special task days. This enormous commitment was rewarded. In recognition, we were both surprised and overwhelmed to receive the five following awards:
1.   National Tidy Towns Gold Medal (Pop. 5001-10,000),
2.   Ocean Heroes Group of the Year Award (An Taisce),
3.   DLRCC Tidy Districts Best Town Perpetual Trophy (Pop. 3,000+),
4.   DLRCC Tidy Districts Overall Winner Award 2017,
5.   Dalkey Community Council Endeavour Award.

    We thank all who have made this possible and also SuperValu Tidy Towns,
DLRCC, An Taisce and Dalkey Community Council for their much appreciated recognition and help. ‘And of course, in alphabetical order, we thank our relatively small team of DTT volunteers: Sylvia Briggs, Anne Sophie Bruley, Des Burke-Kennedy, Brendan Clark, Lynda Coleman, Malcolm Connolly, Julie Costello, Marius Covacian, Frank Dillon, Daphne Dukes, Miriam English, Kate Hammond, Brian Hanna, Etsuko Kanamori, Anna Kerr, Miriam Lee, Noel McDonnell, Susan McDonnell, Lisa McEvoy, Alan O’Brien, Flor O’Mahony, Penny O’Neil, Ann Perry, John Perry, Johnny Phillips, Martin Quinn, Mary Rigney, Paddy Rigney, Derek Spiller, Una Thornton, Terry Wheatley and Alan Winter.

Tidy Towns Team Blue

   With so many DTT improvement projects this year, all we can do here
is attempt to highlight a selection to reflect the enormous efforts made.    
Apologies if we omitted any of significance

January –   DTT organised with the Bullock Harbour Preservation Assoc. meetings
to alert the community to the published development plans – 475 neighbours attended
our meeting, 350 Observations were lodged and an Order to Refuse Permission was
issued in record time.
February – The Clean Coasts Group and DTT collected 32 sacks of Beach rubbish
with 30 volunteers.
Our Facebook message alerting neighbours to a local burglary threat had a record
Reach of 31,181 people.
March – Toilets installed in Bullock Harbour with support from DLRCC and
Dublin Port and a new plinth constructed on the old Crane base.
April – Sorrento Park Summit Compass inaugurated with 72 neighbours,
Bagpiper Archie and Cathaoirleach Cormac Devlin; DTT, An Taisce,
Harold Boys 5th Class and 22 neighbours worked together on National Spring Clean
Day and collected 24 sacks of litter;
New DTT Logo unveiled with new blue HiVis jackets;
St Begnets Graveyard upgraded with 41 hours of hard work, 3 tons of gravel,
38 graves and 15 hedges cared for.
Rushe’s SuperValu sponsorship agreement signed.
May – DTT, the Gardai and Harold Boys spearheaded the Bin Your Gum parade;
Cleared the entire Flags pathway,
Organised the refurbishment of seven Dalkey road signs,
Organised a major work project with 15 Salesforce employees and An Taisce in
Dillon’s Park;
Made Graffiti Prevention Presentation to Dublin Docklands Business Forum.
June Village Gate, Cat’s Ladder, Dalkey Avenue and Tram Yard all upgraded
by DTT
An Taisce and Northern Trust joined DTT team of 14 in Dillon’s Park work;
Google team of 21 joined
DTT in Dillon’s Park; space fully prepared by DTT for the Book Festival Marquee.

July – Picnic Benches restored and placed in Dillon’s Park
Navigation Light installed in Bullock Harbour
Dalkey Island clean-up day organised by DTT;
Gardening, weeding and improvements completed by DTT in Dalkey Avenue,
Vico Road and Sorrento Road.

August – DTT and Salesforce team of 18 painted the Sorrento Park Bandstand,
cut back overgrowth and cleared litt

Sorreno Compass Creation
September – DTT worked with RTE on production of Tracks & Trails TV programme sponsored by DLRCC;
DTT Seven Castles project began.
Rediscovered Ancient Well in Dillon’s Park unveiled.
Bullock Harbour upgrading continued.

October – DTT and DLRCC finalised plans for Boulder engraving for Dillon’s Park.
DTT team completed 48 days of extensive rubbish removal, habitat creation and upgrading for public health and safety in Dillon’s Park.
Winter weeding and gardening continued in planted areas throughout Dalkey.
November – DTT combined forces with Dalkey Quarry Rock Climbers to clear cans, broken bottles, etc., in inaccessible locations.
Graffiti removal continued with over 2,700 tags cleaned throughout Dalkey to date.

December – Major Dillon’s Park three-year project completed providing a safe new and unique place of beauty for our neighbours,
friends and visitors.
Throughout every week of the
year, our Litter Pickers never missed a beat,
Our Graffiti Removers always kept ahead of the vandals.
The planted areas, pathways, Parks and streets received hundreds of hours of DTT TLC.
New members are desperately needed and will a lways be warmly welcomed at


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