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Tidy Towns Competition Adjudication

Adjudication 2015
Date of judgement

   Community Involvement & Planning  / Rannpháirtíocht an Phobail & Pleanáil:    2015

  Dalkey is welcome to the 2015 National Tidy Towns Competition, thank you for your submission which includes your three year plan and map on which projects achieved for this year’s competition are highlighted. The Tidy Towns initiative appears to enjoy a good rganisational structure with an overall committee and five sub committees in addition to a body of volunteers which can be called upon as necessary. It is good to note a sub committee for liaison with schools. The ‘Shopfronts of Dalkey’ project by schoolchildren on display in the Chemist shopfront window deserves special praise, well done to all involved. The range of groups with an input into the Tidy Towns initiative is impressive as is the range of communication methods employed. The new map of trails within the town is invaluable for visitors.

   Built Environment and Streetscape  / An Timpeallacht Thógtha agus Sráid-dreacha:     2015

   Both the SuperValu roadside façade and shopfront together with Finnegans public house were admired for excellence in presentation. Dalkey Flowers has two letters missing on its fascia board and appears to be vacant; hopefully this will be rectified soon. The majority of buildings within the town enjoy good maintenance. The absence of overhead service cables along Castle Street enhances its streetscape and this is complemented by co-ordinated and well maintained street furniture. Hopefully the visually obtrusive wirescape which features on Tubbermore Road will be removed in the not too distant future. Well done on the painting of service poles at a number of locations. The
new Sports Hall of Loreto Abbey is a visually pleasing development.

   Landscaping and Open Spaces / Tírdhreachú agus Spásanna Oscailte:   2015

  Flower displays both in beds and containers throughout Dalkey were admired for their colour and profuseness. Shrubberies and trees at all stages of growth ‘soften’ the built environment and contributing to the ‘greening’ of the town. Key focal points within the town have all been landscaped to good effect.   The ‘Extend’ premises Architects and Designers’ should plant the full length of their window box to complement the existing flower displays on business premises. Daffodils around the town in spring were delightful judging by the photographs supplied and the Garden Competition makes a significant contribution in this respect also.

  Wildlife, Habitats and Natural Amenities / Fiadhúlra, Gnáthóga agus Taitneamhachtaí Nádúrtha :   2015

  The on-going nature of projects which fall under this heading is appreciated. The list of activities engaged in to date is impressive ranging from the management of walks, parks and beaches for recreational amenity to protection, conservation and education about wildlife habitats and bio-diversity. The professional advice sought and acted upon ensures that projects are well informed. The environs of Bullock Harbour were a bit weedy and the chain link fencinga bit rusted, there was some litter noted here. Amenity seating is noted favourably. Sorrento Park, Dillon Park and the viewing point for Dalkey Island were enjoyed by your adjudicator.

   Sustainable Waste and Resource Management / Bainistiú Acmhainní agus Dramhaíola Inbhuanaithe:   2015

 Dalkey’s school children are to be congratulated on their Green Flag achievements to date. We look forward with great interest to the outcome of the ‘Will Dalkey Go Green?’ initiative. An increase in visitors/business coupled with a decrease in waste disposal costs is an attractive proposition. The Greener Gardening and Greener Cleaning websites have lots of ideas for materials and energy waste prevention and don’t forget to Green the TT ‘office’ activities too! The recycling containers in the car park of Dalkey Hill amenity park badly need to be refurbished as they look quite scruffy.

   Tidiness and Litter Control / Slachtmhaireacht agus Rialú Bruscair:   2015

  The town centre was almost free of litter; no doubt the new ‘Big Belly’ solar bins make a significant contribution in this respect. Dalkey can indeed claim to be a very tidy town. The bridges were a little bit weedy however cognisance is taken of the weed spraying programme. Well done on the response to the problem of graffiti, the results are impressive by any standard. Well done also on representations made regarding overhead service cables, as noted previously this is a blight on the streetscape of Tobbermore Road. Research into the impact of the subject matter of advertisement hoardings is really interesting and the outcome of discussions with the company involved may serve
to ameliorate the problem of the negative impact of out of scale hoardings on streetscapes such as Hyde Road and environs.

   Residential Streets & Housing Areas / Sráideanna Cónaithe & Ceantair Tithíochta :    2015
  Castlemews residential development needs refurbishment to its roadside facade as it looks quite shabby. Roadside boundary walls need treatment in a number of instances. There are very many nicely developed gardens within Dalkey and some wonderful rose gardens are a feature of Leslie Avenue. The Garden Competition is acknowledged as an important factor. Green open spaces within residential developments are generally well managed and presented, new housing is duly noted and it is anticipated that new residents will be invited to participate in the Tidy Towns initiative.
Approach Roads, Streets & Lanes / Bóithre Isteach, Sráideanna & Lánaí :    2015

 Car parking is well organised throughout Dalkey with adequate provision made for on and off street parking. Street furniture is being nicely maintained in most instances although a few street name plates need to be refurbished. Approach roads and entrances to the town including the Dart station and environs form an excellent first impression of Dalkey. Side areas and lanes are neatly maintained also. The clearing of debris, rubble and growth at the key focal points Hyde Road / Castlepark junction and the Barnhill road/Ave junction is appreciated. If not a traffic hazard perhaps the remaining two islands at the ‘Squareabout’ can feature container flower displays

Concluding Remarks:   2015
  Your adjudicator really enjoyed the visit to lovely Dalkey for adjudication and will return to spend many more pleasurable hours sampling what the town has to offer the visitor


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