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Tidy Towns Competition Adjudication
Adjudication 2010
Date of judgement

Overall Developmental Approach: 2010

The Dalkey TidyTowns committee is clearly highly organised and motivated in its endeavours and for this you are congratulated. You are engaged with a wide range of stakeholders and it was great to note that you now have someone whose task is to specifically liaise with the schools in the region. Your ‘overall development approach’ is at a very high standard so gaining additional points is going to be more challenging. One suggestion I would have is to stream line your development plan to put target dates on specific actions – say over a three-year period. This will focus your minds on what can realistically be achieved and with whom you need to work. An additional aid to the adjudicator would be to prepare one map of the town indicating clearly the locations of projects that have been completed since the last adjudication. This is where points are awarded so the clearer this is the better. Other ideas maybe to start social networking e.g. Facebook or Twitter as these can be effective means of communicating and reaching out to new people.

The Built Environment: 2010

Your group is to be commended on clearly addressing points that have arisen in last year’s report. Enhancing the graveyard access and your work with Topaz are well worthwhile projects. It is acknowledged that you are doing what you can regarding the hoarding on St. Patrick’s avenue. The Castle and Harbour look great. The Church of Ireland is immaculately presented. Scoil Haróid looks great and was proudly flying its Green Flag! The village centre looks fantastic and finding fault is a challenge. Well done to all business owners for taking such pride in their appearance. Finnegan’s pub and nearby Guinea Pig deserve special mention for their appearance. Castle st. is wonderfully presented while the Castle itself is a fantastic heritage feature for the town.

Landscaping: 2010

You are clearly very active under this heading and you are engaged in projects across the wide Dalkey area. Remember that landscaping is not just about flowers but also included trees and shrubs which are in many cases preferable to flowers as they provide year-round impact. Hard landscaping, including civic spaces, seating and installation art, should also be considered. Beautiful flower baskets were admired throughout the village centre – the combination of trees, shrubs and bedding plants in the Eurospar car park is an excellent display. The space on St. Patrick’s avenue is very colourfully presented although sacks of rubbish stored here detracted somewhat from the scene. The colourful display at Ulverton close looks great.

Wildlife and Natural Amenities: 2010

It is wonderful to see you working so closely with the schools under this category. Dalkey has a rich natural heritage so it is great to see that this is being cherished. Lets hope that the red squirrel population can rebound and maintaining the feeders is a brilliant initiative. The Dalkey quarry project will be another addition to this resource. You mention that a comprehensive wildlife survey was carried out but it could not be found in the appendices. Did this list the species and habitats that are to be found? Dalkey island is a protected conservation area – see for more information on this. The natural heritage signage is a fantastic way of raising awareness although none were actually seen – this could be something to label on your map for next year. The pier is a wonderful amenity for watching wildlife with its seals and sea birds.

Litter Control: 2010

You clearly have an extensive programme in place for litter control. Are there particular black spots that need special attention? The focus of the National Spring Clean week in April is being used as a great opportunity to get things done. The entrance to the harbour was slightly littered. The laneway beside Eurospar was in a bad way. The bring centre, in its new location, was very tidy. Small amounts of litter were detected on Sorrento avenue, at the DART station and on Colimore road.

Waste Minimisation: 2010

Well done to Loreto Abbey primary school in being awarded their Green Flag! Do all schools now have a Green Flag? This is a wonderful achievement and should act as the nucleus for spreading behavioural change throughout the community. How can lessons learnt in school be brought home? The overarching goal here is to reduce the level of waste generated for landfill to zero. Where does the bulk of your waste come from? If you knew this you could identify strong actions to make a real difference. You will need to engage with both residential and business sectors on this and various approaches may be required. Some good projects may include: ‘saying no to junk mail’; encourage the use of reusable shopping bags, coffee mugs or water bottles; or working with retailers to minimise packaging, particularly of the plastic variety.

Tidiness: 2010
Well done on improving signage and addressing some of the redundant or poorly presented poles. Your audit approach is most useful in this regard. A skip surrounded with traffic cones on the harbour road needs to be removed if not serving any function. While the DART station looks well the forecourt badly needs to be surfaced and fly-posting removed. Traffic cones and plastic Eircom tape on Sorrento drive should be removed. A traffic cone on Convent road beside Paddy Power should be taken away. Dumping of dead vegetation in the graveyard is visible from the road and this is not an appropriate method of disposal. Phone boxes attract fly-posting and graffiti and are probably no longer needed – perhaps it would be worth considering their removal, e.g. on Ulverton place. Road works around Church road and Carysfort road appear to have been completed but signage and plastic barriers persist.
Residential Areas: 2010

How many estates are there in Dalkey? Do they have residents associations and if so are they represented on the TidyTowns committee? If not, how can this be encouraged? TidyTowns in estates in particular can act as a microcosm of the contest e.g. through initiatives in landscaping, biodiversity gardening or waste management. Private homes and estates throughout Dalkey were presented to a very high standard. Pilot View for instance was very neat and tidy. The cottages along Carysfort road are beautifully presented. St. Patrick’s square is a delightful area with beautifully landscaped presentation. Litter had gathered in some corners however. Landscaping at the entrance to the Termon estate looks very well.

Roads, Streets and Back Areas: 2010

The granite ‘welcome to Dalkey’ signs looks particularly attractive alongside the planted cart on the Dun Laoghaire approach. Signage at Harbour Crestent and Tubbermore Avenue needs to be repainted. A bent sign with fly-posting near Loreto Abbey and Harbour road needs to be addressed. Back streets are generally very well presented and maintained e.g. Convent road and Corrig road. The car park across from Dalkey Castle is very tidy.

General Impression: 2010

In truth it is hard to find fault with the outward appearance of Dalkey while you are clearly working hard behind the scenes to maintain these high standards. I was very impressed with what I saw and I wish you all the best for the future.


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