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Tidy Towns Competition Adjudication
Adjudication 2005  

Overall Developmental Approach: 2005
I would like to thank the committee for their very comprehensive application to the tidy towns competition for 2005. The constant involvement of the all the local committees and businesses in the tidy towns competition is commendable. The application for the tidy towns competition is very comprehensive and outlines the large extent of work carried out by the committee in the area, however a complete 3 - 5 year plan for the area would be ideal. Many of the new initiatives should be congratulated and the introduction of the litter wardens and the talks given by the local businesses to the children is an excellent opportunity to get the local children involved in the tidy towns. The Tidy Towns notice board in the credit union is an excellent idea. The development of the Tidy towns web site is an excellent idea, however unfortunately the adjudicator tried to access it a number of times and some pages were not downloading.
The Built Environment: 2005

Once again Dalkey should be commended on the presentation of the town on the day of adjudication. Dalkey is a lovely small town with oozes charm and character. Many of the shop, restaurants and public houses were very well presented on the day of adjudication. Most notably La Maison, Tiger Becs and Mc Donaghs Pub. Queens public house as well as the Guinea Pig restaurant should all be commended on their appearance. Some of the shop fronts were nicely presented with some nice shrubs, flowers outside them while others were quite simple, yet sophisticated. This contrast is very appealing. The old doctors surgery on Castle street was a little disappointing and hopefully will be redeveloped with a new tenant in the future. The back of the Euro spar in the car park is still an area of concern. This area is in need of some major redevelopment. The adjudicator realises that co-operation is required between the Euro Spar and the council to develop this area, and effort has been made by the tidy towns committee. Possibly this area could be either re-grassed, or cobbled and some nice trees planted here. It will be nice to see the planned developments for the step areas once it is complete. The poster sites, though not ideal is this charming heritage town, were well maintained, clean and the seating area opposite the AIB with the nice planters and information point is an excellent use of this area. Many of the areas in Dalkey were well maintained and it is great to see the redevelopment of the old Vico motors site. Some work needs to be done on some areas of the paving on Castle street, particularly out side Benitos restaurant where the paving has subsided a small bit.

Landscaping: 2005

Once again castle street has benefitted from some lovely flowers which were in full bloom on the day of adjudication. The local businesses should be commended for the involvement in the flowers in the area. Unfortunately the Harry Latham seat was not in situe on the day of adjudication, but will be a lovely addition to the area. The welcome to Dalkey sign at the Barnhill road entrance is a lovely addition, more granite signs in the area will be most welcome. Many of the residential areas take great pride in there gardens with many of them well maintained. St. Patricks Square is a charming area of the town with its own unique appeal. Some kerb maintenance is required along Hyde road, particularly at the fencing of Dalkey United.

Wildlife and Natural Amenities: 2005

Dalkey is extremely fortunate to be able to benefit from its coastal town location. Bulloch harbour is a nice area, giving that rural fishing village feel to the area. The drive along Vico road was very pleasant on the day of adjudication as the sun was shining. All the plans outlined in your application are excellent for the area. The seating along Vico road is a nice area for people to stop and enjoy the splendid view. It was a shame that someone felt it appropriate to dump their rubbish here. A nice information panel here which explains what you are looking at from this area would be beneficial. The commitment being given by locals in protecting their area should be commended, the local swimmers having their own litter collection and the involvement of the community in the development of projects with An Tasice and DLRCC. The family day in Killiney hill is an excellent idea, though the signage advertising it was not very clear.

Litter Control: 2005

There was no obvious litter in Dalkey on the day of adjudication with many of the areas litter free. The Litter patrol carried out by volunteers seems to be paying off. The only litter blackspot was the area at the back of Euro Spar in the car park. Small amount of litter was evident in the laneway by the library. The recycling workshops and the recycling information on the notice board in the credit union are excellent initiatives. All the anti - litter schemes adopted by Dalkey should be congratulated.

Tidiness: 2005

The overall tidiness of Dalkey should be commended, with many of the shop fronts, restaurants and pubs fronts being well maintained. The areas that could be possible blackspots are well maintained and the floral displays take away form the unsightly poster sites. The DART station looked well on adjudication day and even though work is being carried out on the DART at the weekend, any work material left was not unsightly.

Residential Areas: 2005

The residential areas in Dalkey are very well maintained. Ulverton road residents and the residents in Termon housing and along sorento road are all very well maintained. The quaint housing along St. Patricks street are lovely. Some main ten acne is required on some of the kerbs along Dalkey Avenue, Saval Park Road, Ardbrugh road and Cunningham road. The garden competition run by the county council every summer is an excellent idea and keeps the importance of garden up keep in residents minds.

Roads, Streets and Back Areas: 2005

Many of the approach roads are well maintained. the new Granite sign at the Barnhill road entrance is a nice addition to the area. It was difficult to see on the day of adjudication as roadworks were going on in this area. The replacement of all signs to granite signs will be most welcome once complete. Many of the laneways off Castle street were overall relatively well maintained. The completion of the Spanish steps area will add to the area and will hopefully be fully complete by next year. The plans to upgrade the playing fields in Hyde road will be most welcome and will benefit the community as a whole. This area is an asset to Dalkey and on the day of adjudication many children were enjoying and organised summer camp in this area.

General Impression: 2005

Dalkey town is a credit to its residents and the work carried out each year is very commendable. The commitment and the involvement of all elements of the community would be envied by other Tidy Town committees. Dalkey is a lovely town in South Dublin and with all aspects of the town being exploited to their full potential. Congratulations on an excellent application and keep up the hard work.

Second Round Adjudication 2005

Dalkey town has an atmosphere with mediaeval echoes brought about by the beautiful warm coloured stone of the two Castles and the later Church of the Assumption. Many beautiful buildings caught the eye including The Queens beside Dalkey Castle. The narrow network of roads and streets adds so much character to the village. However the 2nd round adjudicator was quite taken aback by the lack of litter control, in marked contrast to the situation at 1st round adjudication. A lot of litter was noted on the Main Street, at the car park by the Library, and the Church car park. At the small car park at St. Patrick's Avenue the litter bin there was over flowing. Bags of litter are still being left at Archibold's Castle despite the notice that the collection service from there has changed. Again at Bullock Harbour and on the Colimore Road surprising amounts of litter were noted. In terms of tidiness there were also some surprises. Weed growth at the base of walls in small narrow laneways off the Main Street was noted in several locations. The Library car park was extremely untidy and two bed mattresses were noted at the junction of Colimore Road and Vico Road.


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