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Tidy Towns Competition Adjudication
Adjudication 2002  

Overall Developmental Approach: 2002

Dalkey is welcome to the 2002 Tidy Towns Competition. Thank you for your submission and well done on achievements at the Heritage Centre and the launch of phase two of the development on 'Blooms Day'. We wish you well in this initiative. We note with interest your areas designated as sites for improvement. Congratulations on the financial support you receive from the Business Association and the work of Residents Associations for clean-up days. Your liaison with statutory bodies will bear fruit over time. As you are aware, Dalkey enjoys an envious location by sea with the island in close proximity and mountains on your doorstep. Your historical heritage is a valuable asset which is being admirably promoted. Well done!

The Built Environment: 2002

Refurbishment works have been noted since last year and in-fill development is successful. No doubt this is due in large measure to your diligent checking of planning applications. Both churches are beautifully presented and your heritage buildings are a unique feature of the town. 'Finnegans', 'The Dalkey Pharmacy', 'The King's Inn' are all beautifully presented. The 'Dalkey Arts' property looked particularly well and is being considered for the shopfront award. The Garda station also looks exceptionally well and has been recently painted. The 'Select Stores' at the junction of Railway Road and Tubbermore Road enjoys good maintenance. The 'On The Grapevine' property was admired also as was the McDonagh premises. Dalkey's built environment is a successful mix of old with the new.

Landscaping: 2002

Mature trees make a significant contribution to the environment of Dalkey. Well done on the replacement of trees also where necessary. It is good to note the involvement of school children in looking after flower beds. We look forward to the proposed landscaping at Dillon's Park and the viewing area beside Coliemore Harbour. Likewise the development of the overgrown banks at the DART station will be welcome. Flower displays are a visual treat, particularly on a wet June day, of which there have been so many this year. The green area in St. Patrick's Square is tastefully landscaped.

Wildlife and Natural Amenities: 2002

Perhaps you could submit some details of what you have achieved under this heading regarding the wildlife of the area. We note with interest your reference to terns on Dalkey Island and the nesting area at Dalkey Quarry. Outbreaks of wildflowers at the DART station were admired and there seems to be a good variety of these. Well done on achievements at Bulloch Harbour. You will need to be a little more vigilant regarding weed control in this area

Litter Control: 2002

Litter control was quite good especially along Castle Street. Do send in details of your litter management strategy. We note that you have a series of clean up days throughout the summer

Tidiness: 2002

Your efforts regarding weed growth along kerbs and at the base of walls have been noted. This is an important activity for the overall appearance of Dalkey. You are aware of the difficulties caused by poster sites. Don't lose heart, this will be resolved at some time in the future.

Residential Areas: 2002

Your garden competition is successful, judging by the number of impressive and well maintained gardens throughout the town. The entrance to the "Private Grounds" at the junction of Leslie Road and Coliemore Road could be improved. Single storey dwellings in St. Patrick's Square and Avenue are charming. The 'Termon' development complements its setting nicely.

Roads, Streets and Back Areas: 2002

Well done on the resurfacing of the church car park. Some nameplates need to be refurbished, an example is the sign for Atmospheric Road and Barnhill Avenue. One traffic island featured container flower displays. Street furniture looked well, pay attention to the presentation of service boxes also

General Impression: 2002

Thank you for the leaflet on your Bloomsday celebration, we look forward to many repeat visits to Dalkey at this time of the year. The town enjoys excellent presentation and promotion.


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