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Tidy Towns Competition Adjudication

Adjudication 2001  

Overall Developmental Approach: 2001

The development approach adopted by the Tidy Towns committee should be commended. The committee has a positive relationship with a number of local authorities, which works well in the development of Dalkey.

The Built Environment: 2001

Dalkey is a very pleasant town with a lot of positive aspects to it. A number of the buildings on the main street were in excellent condition, including the Heritage Centre, Nosh, Dalkey Arts, McDonagh's, Photogenic and the Optician on St. Patrick's Road. The DART Station has improved in recent years, it looked fresh and well maintained. Some areas at the entrance of the DART station were in need of some paint refurbishment. The Queens pub also looked very pleasant. There were a number of shops on the main street, which were unoccupied; this was unfortunate as some of them are in need of repair. Kuda interiors, Gordon Begley Cars and Regazzi are all in need of some maintenance. Archbold's Castle looked very well, with lovely flowers. The bilingual sign was also a nice feature. The Church and its grounds on Castle Street were very well maintained. The poster area near the Shell Station is in need of some repair. Some of the railings were broken or falling down. It would be nice if this area could be developed into a nice landscaped area, as this would add to the entrance into the town, however, we do appreciate the difficulties you face in relation to this area.

Landscaping: 2001

There are some lovely residential and commercial landscaped areas in Dalkey. There are lovely planters in the triangle near the Shell station, however some weeding is necessary at the base of the planters. Many of the shops on the main street have made a huge effort with plants and flowers, which adds visually to the town. The DART Station has added some plants to the entrance, which brightens up this area. St. Patrick's Square was very well landscaped and a lovely area, the residents should be congratulated for their hard work and up keep of this area. The landscaping at the patch at the back of the squareabout was noted as a lovely area, which was well maintained. The tree planting at Killiney Hill and Cuala GAA is very welcome, however, some kerb control is required at the base of the wall at the GAA club. An excellent effort has been made with the site opposite the Am, the planters, and benches offer a nice area for the residents of Dalkey, however, the post box in this area is in need of a revamp.

Wildlife and Natural Amenities: 2001

The continuation of the Birdwatch Ireland/Dun Laoghiare-Rathdown Council sponsored project on Dalkey Island is an excellent project. Dalkey is situated in an area ideal for the encouragement of Wildlife in the area. We look forward to the future development of Dalkey Quarry as a designated wildlife area.

Litter Control: 2001

Sorrento Drive was litter free as was St. Patrick's Square and the area around the DART Station. The effort that is made in relation to litter should be congratulated. Many litter fine signs and dog waste fine signs exist throughout Dalkey. However, some litter was still evident on the day of adjudication. There was sporadic litter on Castle Street and at the poster site which is opposite Termon residential area. Litter was also evident outside new apartment/shop complex at squareabout, however some effort had been made to sweep it up. Litter was still evident on the steps which lead from library lane into the SuperValu car park. The placement of a litter bin at the top of these steps may help alleviate this problem area. Many of the residential areas were litter free, the residents of these areas should be commended for this. Getting the local children involved in litter awareness and litter cleaning days maybe a good idea.

Tidiness: 2001

The overall tidiness of the town was good on adjudication day. Castle Street from Queens pub up towards the Railway Road was well maintained with many of the shop fronts adding to the town. Many of the public areas and amenities were in good condition. Some weed control is however necessary in the car park at the DART station. Sorrento Road and Close were in need of some kerb control. Some graffiti was evident in some areas of the town which was unfortunate, particularly on Dalkey Avenue and on the Arch off Castle Street

Residential Areas: 2001

Houses both in the town centre and along approach roads were generally well maintained. Coliemore Villas looked quite quaint and there were many fine houses which were well maintained along Coliemore Road giving glimpses through to the blue sea beyond. It was noted that Coliemore Apartments were underway on the old Hotel site. St. Patrick's Square was particularly admired having won the housing estate award in the competition in 1985 it was most pleasing to note that the standard has been maintained. Whites Villas were generally in good condition although some looked grubbier in comparison to the more freshly painted houses. An attractive terrace of houses on Lesley Avenue although some of the bindery walls needed attention.

Roads, Streets and Back Areas: 2001

The approach roads into Dalkey were very well maintained. The sign age of the approach roads was noted as being particularly good. Many of the residential areas in Dalkey are very well tended to by the residents. It was a little disappointing to see that the Sorrento Road, Avenue and Close area was in need of some kerb management. The finger posts signs on Sorrento Road were also in need of repair. Library road has improved, with the overall tidiness of the lane quite good, the planting of ivy along the lane may help reduce the problem of graffiti, as mentioned some litter was evident at the SuperValu car park end of the lane.

General Impression: 2001

Dalkey is a charming town, which has continued to maintain a lovely village feel to it. The developments made have improved the area and the committee should be congratulated on their continued involvement and up keep of the area.

It is a real pleasure to walk in the streets and byways of Dalkey, where the attractive village atmosphere engendered by intense community involvement in historical, environmental and social issues clearly makes itself felt. When submitting your entry form next year, please be sure to name on your map all the points of interest which should be visited -for example, the Quarry is not marked, and it is astonishing how so many local people (e.g. shopkeepers) are unable to give directions to it! An increase of even one mark in this, the highest, level of the competition nation-wide is hard-earned and significant; do not feel that your efforts have been overlooked due to what you may feel is a small increase. It was disappointing to find an appreciable amount of litter on second adjudication day in Hyde Road, in the small resident streets to the north of Castle street, and in the Station car park. Kerbside weed was all prevalent in Hyde Road -it would take each householder less than five minutes per week to deal with that. A persistently untidy area is where Library Lane joins the car park, where there is surprising neglect; the committee, as the most concerned body, would do well to make representations to the Local Authority and to the shopkeepers of the immediate vicinity. Public and private planting was looking wonderful in its midsummer glory. Photographs were taken of the places mentioned on your entry form, and also of some others. There is no doubt that Dalkey could, with rigorous attention to the minutiae, deservedly become the best Urban Village in the county.
Congratulations to all concerned and to Photogenic Photographer, Railway Road who won the Best Shopfront Award for Dublin City and County. Congratulations is also due to Sandycove / Glasthule who got won Best New Entry in Category E. -Ed


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