circa.4300 BC to 2017 AD


The memorial stone was installed on the summit by Dalkey Tidy Tows (DTT ) & DLRCC a year ago on April 2016,
to celebrate the 1916 Easter Rising.

In preparation for Easter 2017, an exciting new project , developed by DTT over the last 2 years, was launched
very recently to create a unique viewing platform at this beautiful location for all to enjoy.

The steep access to the summit was a real challenge, excavations began and a long hidden secrete was revealed.
Red bricks were found under the Gorse & weeds, & appeared to form a circular shape.   Research showed that there
was a Searchlight here in WWII & used to track German Bombers, as they flew along the coast on their way to Belfast


New Sorrento Park Summit Compass unveiled on this Easter Monday morning




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An eventful morning in Dillon's Park: 14th March 2017

  On arrival at 10 o/c., the place was swarming with young people. It was a beautiful sunny day. A group of students from a college in Dun Laoghaire descended on the park to make a film. I have asked for more details, but essentially the story seems to be about an over officious school traffic warden who is confronted by a hippy type lady (a 'woolie') who wants him to take it easy! The 'set' today was in front of the 3 centre trees and this lady had wrapped 3 very large woolie 'scarfs' around the tree...see photo below.

Next came Anne Sophie who very kindly bought some heathers and wall flowers for our new rockery. Martin and herself planted these, then armed with a watering can, water was obtained from our newly excavated well.

We have some more detective work to do, as we discovered the initials EB chiseled on the big rock we're clearing.

As we were packing our bags to leave, a young boy came along with his father and their dog. The boy picked up the watering can and started watering the newly planted we have our new youngest recruit....see photo.

So, we will meet again this coming Tuesday at 10.00am and all who can spare some time will be very welcome. Our plan is to continue where we left off and move up to the higher ground to make a real feature of that “new” rock face. The usual gloves, clippers, shears, etc., will be needed. Tea Break material never goes astray either :).
John Loves Mave
Giant Cordyline Discovered




A Walk of about 13k   Dun Laoghaire,  Dalkey,  Killiney incl photo's
A loop walk that follows the coast to Dalkey, Killiney, returning to Dun Laoghaire via The Metals

Dillon's Park
Restoration Continues every Tuesday.




Do you have a free hour or two each week, we'd love to have you join us".
Could you please spare Dalkey Tidy Towns, an hour or few hours a week / month
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Please join us for a morning (or even an hour) of activity to improve Dalkey Heritage Town

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Is deas an rud an beagán ach é a dhéanamh go maith.

Free Aerobics class / weekly clean ups, for all ages.

Winter Schedule     from 1st Oct until last week of April
Every Thursday of month
10.30am / 12 noon
meet at Dillon's Park,       Coliemore Road.
Saturday - Specials
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To suit Gaisce/Transition students
meet at "Writers Corner," Castle Street / St Patrick's Ave.

Litter patrols from April to October are weekly sessions.
Summer Schedule
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Every   Tuesday of month

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meet at "Writers Corner," Castle Street / St Patrick's Ave.
Every Thursday of month
10.30am / 12 noon

meet at Dillon's / Sorrento Parks,     Coliemore Road.
and / or "Writers Corner,"

Every  Saturday of month
10.30am / 12 noon
meet at "Writers Corner," Castle Street / St Patrick's Ave.
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The Dalkey Tidy Towns committee works with many other voluntary bodies in the task of improving our Towns environment, together with the co-operation of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council.

We welcome you to tour the site and see what's been achieved and how much more must be done.

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